I believe that we all wonder about our journey and the path that we should take at least once throughout our day. I also believe that even though we know what it is that we love, the more that we love it the less that we believe in it…which is insane. This happens because it becomes so ordinary to us that we forget that what we love isn’t loved by all 7 billion people. This happens…because when we see someone else doing what we love it is as if what we love becomes a fixed image outside of our own unique love of it. I know that I have been falling into this category. But I wonder, if we cannot see what we love be as good as it is with others within’ ourselves, how does that relate to the love for our selfs? If what we love looks like a glimmer of sparkles and teardrops of awe, why is it that we retrieve into self doubt rather than self love? I really don’t have the answers in this moment, but it is something to think about throughout my journey as a freelance writer and aspiring digital nomad.

Over the summer I decided what my dream life and career is. This is a big deal for me! Because I have dropped out of beauty school, dental assisting school, and have changed my major in college about 5 times, in hopes of finally finding what I want to commit myself to, that would give me the life of travel without having to clock in. And JUST.LIKE.THAT. when I discovered the amazing YouTouber Zoey Arielle (which I will link below), I was inspired by her life as a digital nomad. I was not only inspired by her journey moving to Italy, but also by all of the effort that I noticed needs to be put into this lifestyle. What especially sparked my interest (thanks to Zoey’s video Become a Digital Nomad: 15 Jobs to Make Money Online) is the huge opportunity with freelance writing opportunities. That day I binged on her videos ¬†and admired the journey that her discipline and career as a freelancer took her on.

I am just touching on the subject, as I can see that there is a new world and method of work within’ this lifestyle. The challenge now is to face my limiting beliefs and push through them with consistency of what I love. As I mentioned earlier, we know what it is that we love but the more that we love it the less we seem to believe in it…and I can now see that that’s the cause of trying to fit someone else’s image in yours.

Through my content, I would love to share with everyone what I see unique about life, and what I feel about the world around me. Follow my journey at #pixietravels on Instagram for my adventures. Stay tuned friends!


Zoey Arielle: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpK56d51dBTRJBh2K43aCIg





I am the least writing writer,

I spend the days writing in my head.

I spend my moments writing out loud,

about the connections around me.

I can swear to you,

that I write all the time,

but my pages don’t show it.

When I sit down to write,

I can see myself wrapping my free flowing words into a box,

trying to remember what I just thought.

I will get better, as I better myself.

And writing will become a second nature,

it will flow through my impulses,

And make something of my every day moments.

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